Sunday, August 18, 2019


Prevention of muscle rupture

Treatment of muscle rupture The treatment of muscle rupture requires a lot of time and patience. The treatment starts immediately after the injury and continues until the muscle regains its strength again. The treatment methods include: Helping the person with the muscle rupture immediately after the injury…

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Treatment of muscle rupture

Muscle Tissue There are three types of muscle in the human body: smooth muscles, involuntary muscles found in the internal organs wall of the body, such as the stomach, bladder, etc., and cardiac muscles, the involuntary muscles that make up the heart. The third type – The…

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Benefits of Water

Water Water accounts for 70% of the human body, while it covers approximately 71% of the earth’s surface. Despite the great effect of drinking water on a person’s health and its necessity for every cell and member of the human body, many people neglect to drink. (CDC),…

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The way to cook the calf tongue

During the process of slaughtering the calf to take the “calf tongue” specifically for cooking, and despite the characteristic methods of cooking the calf tongue of variety and difference, but it remains unknown to a segment of people, and here we have developed a variety of ways…

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