Sunday, August 18, 2019


Importance of carbohydrates for bodybuilding

The importance of carbohydrates to bodybuilding Carbohydrates are important nutrients for the body, and for all people, including bodybuilders as well, but the right type must be selected and dealt with at the right times. The benefits of carbohydrates include: [1] Energy, speed, endurance and concentration, as…

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Benefits of folic acid

Folic acid Folic acid belongs to the group B vitamins, also called vitamin B 9, a form of folate, which is naturally found in food sources. This form is found in dietary supplements, fortified foods, This vitamin is soluble in water, so the excess amounts of it…

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The amount of water you should drink daily

Amount of water to be consumed daily The recommended daily amount of drinking water varies from person to person, depending on factors such as physical activity of the person, the amount of sweating, and although there is no daily amount agreed upon globally to drink water, there…

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