Sunday, August 18, 2019

Display Analysis

Analysis of the presentation Analysis of the presentation takes a wider range of analysis of the introduction and conclusion because there are many paragraphs that need to be dismantled, and analysis of the presentation is thus: lexicon: the first thing to consider the nature of the lexicon words, The purpose of this field, and what its purpose. Rhythm: There are two types of rhythm, we find an external rhythm, which specializes in determining the weight and sea, which is organized by the text, and the quality of rhymes and Roy, and there is an internal rhythm, which deals with different methods of repetition, dish, and genetics, and interview, it is preferable to statistics for each phenomenon; These methods help to understand the emotion that dominated the poet. Poetic images: This is done through knowledge of the basics of images from metaphor, metaphor, metaphor, and metaphor, which helps to know the psychological state of the writer, and what is affected by the community, to access the basic features of an era. The level of deliberation, and semantic: through the counting of pronouns and methods, and sentences, to know the purpose and purpose of this text, which is a message addressed to a particular category. Compilation of the previous results helps in reaching a full understanding of the text and its purpose, and the purpose of this text, and transfer it to the target segment, taking into account not to issue judgments or reasons for the text without a witness and contextual guide of the text, not to ignore any method in the text, Text, away from any interpretation.

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