Sunday, August 18, 2019

Methodology of theoretical text analysis

The methodology of textual analysis The issue of text analysis is a necessity for the people of the language and the students of science. The study of the text and its knowledge reveals the personality of the writer and clarifies the features of the different times, considering that the theoretical text is an official document that depicts an entire reality. The definition of theoretical text is a prose text that deals with a particular issue to be dealt with. It has formed a wide debate. The theoretical text includes all forms of writing used by the book to define a particular issue, whether poetry, literary, story, play or thought. , In a whole constitute what is known as the fingerprint of the poet, which no one can be ignorant of. The text analysis methodology is an integrated body, built to achieve the writer’s goal, characterized by cohesion, cohesion and strength, and came after him to try to understand this text in greater depth and a broader understanding of its valuable and distinctive ideas. The following are the steps of text analysis: The introduction of the subject, the bridge to reach the depth of the subject, is supposed to contain two elements: the introduction to the general conditions of the status of the text, and address the basic issue to be addressed later, depending on the focus of the idea in the mind of the writer, The extent to which the foreground is connected. Presentation: The presentation takes the most detailed part of the analysis. It is done in three stages: observation and communication with the text through the title and text format, then understanding for the purpose of the text and the subject addressed by the text, and finally the analysis which is the dismantling of the text to its basic components. Conclusion: This is the last stage of constructing the theoretical text. It is the incubator of the conclusions that the writer drew from his experience and his discussion of the subject. It is possible at this stage to present proposals for ideas that may be addressed by another writer in another text based on this text,

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