Sunday, August 18, 2019

Folic acid for hair

Folic acid Folic acid is one of the forms of the group of vitamin B soluble in water, and can be obtained folic acid naturally Some foods contain a high proportion of it, such as leafy vegetables, fruits, meat and legumes, Folic acid can also be obtained by means of tablets after consulting The doctor, folic acid has many benefits to the body, skin and hair, has proved its efficiency in solving some hair problems and disposal will be explained in this article. [1] [2] Foods rich in folic acid are among the most important folic acid foods: [3] lettuce and spinach. Cabbage, cauliflower, white carrots. Liver, and kidneys. Yeast. Peas, and lentils. Coiled Broccoli (Small cabbage). Broccoli. yolk. sunflower seeds. Fruits Kalbaya, kiwi, oranges. the milk. asparagus. Whole wheat bread. Benefits of folic acid for folic acid Many benefits to the body in general and hair in particular: The benefits of folic acid for hair helps to treat the problem of hair loss, especially in pregnant women who have hair loss clearly. [4] stimulates hair growth in men and women and makes it longer and denser. Folic acid accelerates the process of producing healthy cells and dividing them, thus improving hair growth. [2] Hair graying is inhibited, and health experts say folic acid deficiency leads to hair graying and is recommended for hair loss. [5] helps to treat alopecia, and it has been shown that the regular consumption of folic acid works to treat the genetic baldness in men very effectively. [2] Make hair more vibrant and vibrant because it contains the fats and vitamins necessary to improve hair quality. [4] Taking biotin with folic acid helps increase hair growth speed. The results begin to appear after a few months of use, and consult your doctor before taking any supplements. [2] Zinc intake with folic acid helps prevent hair loss and promote growth, and consult your doctor before taking supplements. The benefits of folic acid for the body are among the most important benefits of folic acid in the body: [6] Prevent heart disease, Folic acid improves heart function by removing the amino acid (homocysteine), the main cause of heart attacks, Cholesterol on the heart which ensures cardiovascular protection from various disorders. Stroke prevents the stroke, as it controls the amount of amino acid (homocysteine) in the body, it is one of the main causes of strokes, which may be fatal at times. Reduces the chances of cancer, including cervical cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer, and doctors recommend that it be included in a diet that is used in sufficient quantities. Congenital defects in the fetus are prevented, as a pregnant woman with a folic acid-free diet increases the chance of birth defects. Helps build muscle and maintain muscle tissue and promote its growth. Renews the cells of the body and repair damaged ones, in addition to stimulating the production of red blood cells in the body. Folic acid acts as an effective enzyme that combines with other enzymes to perform important and desirable activities in the body, such as DNA synthesis. Improves the level of hemoglobin in the body, hemoglobin is an essential element contributes to the transfer of oxygen to cells and organs to function properly, which in turn increases the body energy and optimization of metabolism. Addresses the anxiety, depression, and mental and emotional disorders experienced by many people

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